wicks wicks wicks wicks, please say that about 15x really really fast. 

Wicks are the smallest yet most integral part of candle making. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even coated. When you are testing your candles in the beginning, for all my novice candle makers, you have to figure out what wick is for you and your candles. Is it a wooden spiral wick? What about a beeswax-coated cotton wick? 

With so many options which direction do you go? Well, for SubtleHome&Co it was a pretty easy choice but we ever-evolving. Hemp wicks for us were an easy choice because of the type of wax we use. Check out this reel to find out more about why we love our hemp wicks.



Don't you worry another blog about waxes will be coming soon. 

In the meantime fall in love with our hemp wicks and like I said, we are ever evolving. Stay connected with us who knows what we will try next.😆

Tata for now ,

Keirra Webster 

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