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SubtleHome & Co

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Keirra Webster is the founder of SubtleHome&Co. She started making candles because she needed a hobby of something she loved, and truly enjoyed. She took her time and stumbled upon candle making. This made sense to her as she was always buying candles and considered herself to have a "dog nose". 

"I have always been sensitive to scents so when making candles I really let my skills thrive and create beautiful, lasting candle scents. I hope you enjoy the hard work and effort that goes into everything"

Our Story

Embrace relaxation with one of our quality candles. SubtleHome&Co was founded in the kitchen of our owner in 2019. SH&C is dedicated to providing our customers with the power to alter their spaces through unique scents and aromatherapy.

Our candles are the key to bold and lasting aromas in your spaces without the overwhelming and some times sickening scent. 

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100% Soy Wax


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Black Women Owned

SubtleHome & Co cherishes inclusivity and representation

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Made in USA 

Based in Oklahoma, SubtleHome & Co is made in the USA.

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